Audit Proof Your Business

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When meeting with business owners one of the most common fears they have is an IRS audit.  Most of the time this fear stems from stories they’ve heard and experiences that others have had with the IRS.  Yes, this is … Continued

Prepare For Tax Season Now

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This time of the year most people aren’t thinking about tax season.  However, the best time to prepare for tax season is now.  For business owners, taking the time to plan now can save you tremendously on your tax burden … Continued

How To Reduce Your Business Taxes

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Everyone I know likes to save money.  I haven’t met anyone yet who doesn’t.  But, sometimes saving money, especially on taxes, requires a little planning.  Business owners especially feel squeezed.  Think of all the taxes a business owner pays: Federal … Continued

Keeping the Books in 5 Easy Steps: A Super Simple System for Independent Contractors

As an Independent Contractor (IC) you are responsible for paying your own taxes, paying your own expenses, in many cases invoicing, in some cases paying employees and keeping the books. Most IC’s, unfortunately, don’t keep books or pay taxes as they … Continued

Advice For Independent Contractors

An Independent Contractor (IC) is an individual or a business that provides goods or services to another individual or business and is not considered an employee.  Independent Contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes, including Federal, State, Social Security, … Continued

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